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Traffic Guidelines

General vehicular rules in Subic Bay

Night or day, traffic law enforcement is at work in Subic Bay, with the following traffic rules strictly implemented:

  • Allow vehicle search upon request at the points of entry/exit of the Freeport

  • Obey all street signs and traffic lights.

  • Observe and obey all hand signals of traffic officers.

  • No overtaking on single and double solid lines

  • No wearing of head or ear phones while driving

  • Observe one-way traffic and proper lane usage

  • Observe speed limits

  • Make a full stop at all intersections, especially those with stop and yield signs. The first vehicle to make a full stop must be given the right of way

  • No neutral gear going down

  • Load and unload only at designated areas

  • Don't park on yellow curbs

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol is prohibited

  • No smoke belching

  • Yield to ambulances, fire trucks and security vehicles. Move immediately to the right side of the road and stop until said vehicles have safely passed

  • Move immediately to the right side of the road and stop when signalled with code lights or siren

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